• Level 1
  • Upgrade 1: 3000coinCoins
  • Upgrade 2: 4000coinCoins 5gemGem
  • Upgrade 3: 5000coinCoins 10gemGem

Vanilla Ice Cream is an ingredient used in the Ice Cream Bar. It is poured from an ice cream machine.

Players have the option of upgrading vanilla ice cream to increase the amount a customer pays. The starting price for a vanilla ice cream is 10coinCoins and the maximum is 16coinCoins. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades vanilla ice cream.


Ice-Cream-Bar-Vanilla-Ice-Cream Ice-Cream-Bar-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-1 Ice-Cream-Bar-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-2 Ice-Cream-Bar-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-3
Level 1 Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
3000coinCoins 4000coinCoins
10coinCoins 12coinCoins 14coinCoins 16coinCoins
100xpXP 150xpXP 200xpXP