The Tabletop is a kitchen tabletop in the Indian Diner. It is used to assemble uttapams on batter that are topped with carrots, chilli, onions, tomatoes, peas and curry leaves for the customers.

One slot is available on the tabletop when players first start level 1 in the Indian Diner. Players have the option of upgrading the tabletop to add additional slots to assemble uttapams.

The minimum slot on a tabletop is one and the maximum is six. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades the tabletop.


Indian-Diner-Tabletop.png Indian-Diner-Tabletop-1.png Indian-Diner-Tabletop-2.png Image-Needed.png
Level 1 Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
2500coincoin 5000coincoin
1portionportion 2portionportion 4portionportion 6portionportion
140xpxp 300xpxp 420xpxp
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