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The Stroopwafel Iron is an appliance in Michelle's Café. It is used to cook stroopwafels.

A stroopwafel iron that cooks one portion is available when players first start level 12 in Michelle's Café. Players have the option of upgrading the stroopwafel iron to cook stroopwafels in less time and to cook more portions at once.

The minimum time a stroopwafel iron will cook a stroopwafel is ? seconds. The maximum portions cooked at once is ?. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades the stroopwafel iron.


Michelles-Cafe-Stroopwafel-Iron.png Image-Needed.png Image-Needed.png Image-Needed.png
Level 12 Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
1portionportion 1portionportion 2portionportion ?portionportion
16 stimetime 11 stimetime ? stimetime ? stimetime
30xpxp ?xpxp ?xpxp
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