The Juice Dispenser is an appliance in the Pizzeria. It is used to dispense orange juice. A juice dispenser that gives out one orange juice is available when players first start level 1 in the Pizzeria.

The juice dispenser automatically refills a new cup each time a player serves an orange juice to a customer. Players have the option of upgrading the juice dispenser to dispense orange juice in less time and to distribute more portions at once.

The minimum time a juice dispenser will dispense an orange juice is 6 seconds. The maximum portions given out at once is three. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades the juice dispenser.

This appliance occasionally breaks and needs to be fixed by the Repairman.


Pizzeria-Juice-Dispenser-1 Pizzeria-Juice-Dispenser-2 Pizzeria-Juice-Dispenser-3
Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
1500coinCoins 3000coinCoins
1portionPortion 2portionPortion 3portionPortion
8 stimeTime 8 stimeTime 6 stimeTime
70xpXP 150xpXP 200xpXP
Repair Repair Repair
180coinCoins 200coinCoins 210coinCoins
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