The Hamburger Tabletop is a kitchen tabletop in the Fast Food Court. It is used to assemble hamburger buns, burger patties, lettuce leaves and tomatoes into hamburgers for the customers.

One slot is available on the hamburger tabletop when players first start level 1 in the Fast Food Court. Players have the option of upgrading the hamburger tabletop to add additional slots to assemble hamburger.

The minimum slot on a hamburger tabletop is one and the maximum is three. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades the hamburger tabletop.


Food-Court-Hamburger-Tabletop-1 Food-Court-Hamburger-Tabletop-2
Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
400coinCoins 600coinCoins
2portionPortion 3portionPortion
10xpXP 20xpXP