Hamburger Buns is an ingredient used to make hamburgers in the Fast Food Court. It is placed on the hamburger tabletop and a burger patty is placed on top to create a hamburger.

Players have the option of upgrading hamburger buns to increase the amount a customer pays for a hamburger. The starting price for a hamburger bun is 5coinCoins and the maximum is 8coinCoins. Experience points are given for each time a player upgrades hamburger buns.


Food-Court-Hamburger-Buns-1 Food-Court-Hamburger-Buns-2 Food-Court-Hamburger-Buns-3
Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
700coinCoins 800coinCoins 900coinCoins
6coinCoins 7coinCoins 8coinCoins
7xpXP 12xpXP 20xpXP
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