Players earn Gems as they play Cooking Fever. Gems can be used to purchase new restaurants and improve restaurants by buying kitchen and interior upgrades. Gems are also used to compete in Cooking Fever challenges and tournaments.

Gems can be earned in the game or purchased with real money.

In order to buy access to all the restaurants in The City(first map screen), and all equipment upgrades, you require 1443 gems, not including any aesthetic, food cost, or automatic cooking machine upgrades.

Earning Gems

GemsgemGem can be earned by:

  • Gaining a new Experience Level
  • Completing a Cooking Fever Challenge
  • Competing and placing in the top ten of a Cooking Fever Tournament
  • Playing in the Casino (You can only win gems once a day, it usually takes 30-40 rolls, and it's possible to win on your first roll or spend tens of thousands or even all of your money and not win anything):
    • Place 500coinCoins bets until you get 15gemGem. (Recommended)
    • Or place 200coinCoins bets until you get 5gemGem.
    • Or place 100coinCoins bets until you get 3gemGem.
  • Welcome Back Reward:
    • 900coinCoins and 2gemGem for returning on day 7 and each day after. (First six days only award coins.)
      • The reward resets itself to day 1 if players miss a day or if they tamper with their time&date settings in any way, this includes automatic changes by the phone OS itself, during Daylight saving time (DST) twice a year and when you travel to a different time zone.

Purchasing Gems

Gems can be purchased with real money. Below is a table of the prices. Sometimes the game offers special discounts on purchasing gems.

$0.99 10 gemGem
$2.99 35 gemGem
$4.99 60 gemGem
$9.99 125 gemGem
$19.99 300 gemGem
$49.99 750 gemGem*
$99.99 5,000 gemGem

*(and 100k gold)