Cooking Fever Tournament

A Cooking Fever Tournament is occasionally offered in the game for a specific restaurant. It costs 20,000coincoin and 20gemgem to participate in the cooking fever tournament. Players must reach level 20 in the restaurant and have unlocked all of the cooking machines and ingredients to compete.

Players need to complete as many levels as possible in a row without losing. The more levels players complete the higher their rank will be. Players can check their standing in the leaderboard. If players fail a level they will need to start again at Level 1, but a player’s best result will be used for ranking.

If players fail a level, Cooking Fever will give you a second chance to keep your current progress for 2gemgem. Players have 15 seconds to decide if they want to keep their current level or return to Level 1. It also costs 2gemgem to restart a level.

Tournaments are extremely competitive and players must be willing to spend lots of gems and lots of time playing the game to reach the top 10 in order to win a prize. There are usually 100 players in a tournament pool.

Strategy for Winning

  • Upgrade all kitchen and interior items in the restaurant location to level 3.
  • Serve the bonus food item to earn enough coins to pass a level.
  • Have plenty of gems on hand to restart a failed level or buy more bonus food.
  • Be prepared to spend lots of time playing the game as there are hundreds of levels.
  • Give yourself a head start by playing as many levels as possible in the beginning. Usually if you can reach level 100, you have the opportunity to place in the top 10.

Tournament Reward Table

This table shows the ranks and rewards in a Cooking Fever Tournament.

Rank Rewards
1 gemgem500
2 gemgem100
3 gemgem50
4 gemgem25
5 gemgem20
6 gemgem20
7 coincoin25,000
8 gemgem15
9 coincoin10,000
10 gemgem10
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