Players earn Coins as they play Cooking Fever. Coins can be used to purchase new restaurants, improve restaurants by buying kitchen and interior upgrades, competing in Cooking Fever challenges and tournaments, and for playing in the Casino.

Coins can be earned in the game or purchased with real money.

Earning Coins

Coinscoincoin can be earned by:

  • Serving customers in restaurants
  • Restaurant Level Bonus for every 1st level, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, and 40th
  • Daily income
  • Gaining a new Experience Level
  • Completing achievements
  • Completing restaurant tasks
  • Playing in the Casino
  • Completing a Cooking Fever Challenge
  • Competing and placing in the top ten of a Cooking Fever Tournament
  • Welcome Back Reward: Players receive coins for each day they return to the game.  Players must be connected to the internet to receive daily reward
  • 400 coincoin for returning on day 2
    • 500 coincoin for returning on day 3
    • 600 coincoin for returning on day 4
    • 700 coincoin for returning on day 5
    • 800 coincoin for returning on a day 6
    • 900 coincoinand 2 gemgemfor returning on day 7 and each day after.
  • The reward resets itself to day 1 if players miss a day.

Purchasing Coins

Coins can be purchased with real money. Below is a table of the prices. Sometimes the game offers special discounts on purchasing coins.

$0.99 2,500 coincoin
$2.99 8,000 coincoin
$4.99 15,000 coincoin
$9.99 35,000 coincoin
$19.99 100,000 coincoin
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